3 : can you practice what you preach?

Ted's big eyes ft. my feet. 

My dogs have three very different personalities. They're all ridiculously intelligent, and they all choose to apply it in very different ways. Ted is the pure-bred Welsh Border Collie. His parents were both sheepdogs, and he has their razor-sharp minds coupled with a total disinterest in sheep. Instead, he fixates on the postman. That red van is the absolute highlight of his day, and he lies in wait at the top of the garden. 

Bearing in mind that the garden is a couple of acres, he can see the postman coming a long while before he stops at the gate. He hunkers down in the long grass up past the alpaca paddock. Ears up, head forwards, back straight, back legs tensed and ready. 
He waits.
The second that he hears the tell-tale hum of the engine - he's off, up and down the garden boundary. We now have a mud track that we've entirely given up on, because any amount of grass seed is just torn up again as he tears along. 
The whole performance is accompanied by that high pitched bark that the collies are famous for, and the postman is impressively immune to it by now.