73 : i've been sleeping on your side for some time

It turns out that two people can love each other and love each other and love each other and they can still fall apart and scatter like autumn leaves.

And it turns out that when you left, you had no intention of coming back.

And when I realised that, it was like everything unravelled -

The phone calls were really just phone calls.
The whispered confessions disappeared when the sun came up.
The way that you said my name was a slip of the tongue, and a body can handle
another body like it is handling a star and not leave a mark.
The metaphors stay in their poems.

And I didn't understand how you could walk away without once looking over your shoulder,
when it had taken me three years to do the same and I still stumbled.

And you didn't understand why I had walked away in the first place,
when you had watched me watching you for so long.

And they still don't understand how or why I forgive you,
when you never even met me when I climbed off of the plane.
Or when you left because I trusted you with a naked heart,and a plea for help.

But I do.

I do.

I forgive you.