61 : all the colours i've been when i'm with you

So, there was a month long hiatus and I'm not going to lie - its been an insane month. But as a result of it, I've just submitted my final piece of coursework for one of my modules and I'm staring down the other module, so it's all good! 

But seriously - during February, I missed a deadline entirely and then had to do four weeks of work in one (or three days. Can I get a hell yeah? Or just hold the faintly judgemental "What are you doing with your life?" which I absolutely deserve but do not have an answer to.)
Went away, came back.
Got ill, got better.
Re-met a guy. 
Un-met the guy.
Got ill again (I have no voice right now. My brother thinks that it is hilarious.)
And all of that in the shortest month!

Anyays, happy St. David's Day :)