33 : you're so very special

I'm not good at winter.
I get really excited for ten minutes, but then I decide that I'm cold and I go and bury myself under a pile of eiderdowns for the next five months.
The past few weeks have been a definite case of that - the temperature hasn't clambered above freezing, snow has long since lost it's majesty and I' hungry. 
See? It's getting rough!

So I made a list of things that I'm really looking forwards to in 2015. 

Actually, that's a lie. I made two lists. The first just said "Feeling my toes." 

The second said:

• Snowdrops, crocuses, narcissus. 
• Lambing.
• Long, long days.
• Warm nights.
• Cool breezes.
• Barbecues and alfresco dining.
• Bonfires.
• Running without having to wear a ski suit.
• Outdoor concerts!
• Festivals!!
• Tourist season starting in town because that's always entertaining.
• County shows.
• Work getting a little less intense in the off season.
But the summer camps start up so that's great.
• More time to spend with friends.
• More time in general.
• Hammocks and books.
• Growing things and then eating them!
• Wearing shorts and shirts and hundreds of bracelets and anklets.
• Tan lines.
• Days at the beach.
• And the river.
• And in the mountains.
• Time spent with my beautiful family.
• Walking around barefoot.
• New people!
• Old people!
• Camping and travelling and then coming home.

And at least ten other things, but Mia has delicately nibbled it and I cannot read it any more!