111 : under the open sky, oh my

The 18th to 26th of April were Solibad days, and I actually took photos! 
Which means that I should have posted them, and I kind of suck for not, but lets not mix tears with spilt milk.

So, let me tell you just a little bit about Solibad. I haven't climbed onto my high-horse in a while and this is a superb opportunity, bear with me a moment longer!

Solibad stands for "Solidarity in Badminton". 
Their vision is badminton without borders, and their mission is to make a difference to third-world countries via badminton. They build badminton courts, send over nets, rackets, people. And whilst all of this is going on, they fund schools, orphanages and medical centres as well. They are a phenomenal organisation. Worldwide support streams in from international players like Peter Gade (New rule that every time Gade is mentioned, a "hell yeah." is reverently whispered." and just regular individuals, county squads, nationals - anyone. Everyone. 
This year's theme for the Solibad days was to play badminton "somewhere it had never been playe before." 
We were short on time in between tournaments, so we went out to play with our mountains. But others played in punts, on playgrounds, over bridges... I mean, why not? And every time, thousands of pounds are raised. It's wonderful.