268 : all my sleeves are stained red

There's a monster in your bed, kid. 
You let him in.
You took his hand.
You showed him your home.

There's a monster in my bed, kid.
He kisses his knuckles,
In the second before they split my cheek..
You told him you wouldn't leave.

You crossed his sorry heart,
Hoped it would take the needles from his eyes.
But he pins you to the wall,
Makes you want to die, baby.

There are scars on your neck, kid.
You're barely a silhouette. 
Your mother can't remember her daughter's smile,
And he looks like trouble and tastes like sin,
And he fists his hand in your hair.

You wear Chanel, kid.
You bleed red, dress to kill,
I told him to leave, kid.
You're okay, kid.
You're going to be fine, kid.
It's over, kid.