91 : we will run

So I'm cheating for today's photo, because I am finally back up to speed with them (I posted about 20 photos in the past three days. I'm so sorry for anyone whose bloglovin' I've spammed) and I don't want to fall behind again. I really don't! So you're going to have to excuse the lousy quality of it :)

My new Yonex training shirt just got here, and I absolutely love it - It's from the 2011 BWF London games and I am refusing to take it off. Ever.

Also, for anyone who is interested - I was asked to make one of these quizzes by a bunch of friends and it turned out to be a whole lot of fun. Word of warning, though! I got one of the answers wrong (don't ask how) so my birthday is down as December, rather than July. So yusyus - Click December, think of July ;)