33 : must have been something you said

Wispa can watch the whole of the valley from here. 

So we've done story time about Mia and Ted. Let me tell you about the biggest and greediest member of my pack.

We got Wispa when my old choccie lab, Benji, was eleven. We thought that Benji would like some company, someone to do all of the running around so he didn't have to.
Admittedly, we were wrong.
 Benj had been an only dog for the past eleven years and had no intention of starting to share now.
Wispa came from the same rescue centre that we got Benji from. We drove three hours to pick him up from a service station on the M4 in our Landrover, which was packed to the gunnels with mattresses and pot-plants and all of this other stuff that wed just picked up from our old place. 
He was manic. He was bright eyed and had really not seen grass or people before. Life was suddenly so exciting for him. 

I rode back to Wales with 30 kilos of puppy that alternated between sitting on my lap and careening wildly around the back of the Landrover. Rob, sensing a challenge, decided to go and sit in the front with Mum and "navigate."

By the time we got back to Wales, I was moulting myself and this dog and I were best friends. 

So there you go, I think that that's everyone's origin story!